Our Staff


Pastor Bumble

Bumble & Jenney Ho have been ministering the English-speaking ministry with this same Vietnamese community since 1990s.  Bumble works in IT at a community college nearby.  He studied Computer Science and then went on with an MBA from Cal State Fullerton and a Master of Theology from Fuller Seminary.  Their son Timmy is 15-years old.

Bumble’s strength is in the area of administration. Currently Bumble is the initial Elder of the church with the role of Lead Pastor, overseeing the preaching and other administration tasks including the development of the Elder Team to lead the church.  In his spare time between work, family and churches, he tries to update his facebook via twitter.

Jenney has been an avid partner and motivator to Bumble in ministry for the last 25 years.  Together with keeping a successful career and managing the entire household, she has also been serving by Bumble’s side in each phase of the English ministry since its beginning.  In this church plant Jenney is a community builder with her caring, compassionate and hospitable nature.

Pastor Jon's picturePastor Jon

Jon is a fourth-generation Chinese (Cantonese)-American from Cerritos, CA., where he has spent most of his life.  He is the middle child from a family of five.  He has a B.A. in Social Science from San Diego State as well as a Masters of Divinity and Theology from Talbot School of Theology.  Jon has been serving as the Associate Pastor of Redemption Point since 2014.  In addition to serving at RP, he is also a Buena Park Police Chaplain and an Army Reserve Chaplain.  Jon enjoys running marathons (with his dad), studying the NT’s use of the OT, discussing hardcore theology, learning the guitar and having conversations with friends while drinking boba and coke floats.  One day he hopes to travel to the Holy Land.  Feel free to say ‘hello’…and bring gummy bears with you.


Other Leaders (Elders & Deacons)

Since Redemption Point is a new church, we are still developing other leaders.  Currently our ELT (Elders & Leaders Team) consists of the following couples and individuals: Steve & Niki, Nhieu & Becky, Hai & Kathy, Roselyne, Tom & Linda, K.Bui, Gary & Chelsea, Charles & Hoa, Mike & Han, Kenny & Kelli, Huy, Brian & Virginia, Eric & Cyndi.  We are prayerfully seeking potential leaders in accordance to 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.