Who Are We

We are the English speaking offspring of the immigrants (mostly Vietnamese), who now find it is easier to express ourselves in English. Therefore we congregate to take a keenly look at God and how He is working in our midst. After all, if there is an eternal heaven or hell, wouldn’t that be the most important thing to consider?

As we look around, we see many fractured relationships: in family, between generations, among the churches, in different cultures – isolations in society. But the “Good News” (in which the Bible called it “Gospel”) is this: all can be (and will be) restored when God reconcile our broken relationship to Him.

In being so, we exist to…
…be captivated by God’s love
…grow together in His Spirit
…serve and share the Gospel of Jesus
The Gospel changes everything!

We worship on Sunday night 6pm at Coastal church on the corner of Slater and Ward in Fountain Valley.